Thursday, December 10, 2009

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Last night I tried my hand at making my own Christmas wreath.  I'm no professional, but considering it was my first time making something like this, I'm happy with how it turned out.  A friend of mine went to one of the local Christmas tree lots and asked if she could take some of their extra tree clippings and they gladly gave us several large garbage bags of extra tree branches, for free!  They smelled SO GOOD!!  (Now if only my vacuum would pick up all the needles in the carpet.)  If you want to make your own, here are some basic instructions:

You will need:
- Christmas tree limbs
- A wire hanger
- 24 gauge floral wire
- Pruners, pliers, and a wire cutter
- Ribbon or whatever Christmasy decorations you want to add to your wreath

1)  Use the pliers to shape your wire hanger into a circular frame and twist it shut.  Try to get all the kinks out.  (Does it mean I've watched The Office too much if I thought "That's what she said" after typing that last sentence?)
2)  Cut off the prettiest parts of your tree limbs to use for your wreath.
3)  Use some of the larger clippings first.  Try to match the natural curve of the branch to your frame.  Keep the tops of the needles pointing outwards.  Use your floral wire to tie the clippings to your frame.  It is easiest to use one loooooong piece of floral wire and just keep looping it around the frame rather than using tons of short pieces like twist ties.
4)  Once you have one layer of larger tree clippings all the way around the frame, do another few layers of the smaller, fuller clippings.  The more of these you use, the better.  And if you can keep them all going the same direction, that's good too.
5)  By this time it should be looking like a real wreath.  You may want to give it a haircut and just trim up the edges a bit.
6)  Use ribbon or whatever else you want to decorate it.  I loved doing this project with other people because they all turned out so different yet so fun.  I used candy canes and pinecones.  Another girl used an artificial gold apple with a big bow.  Then there was another with poinsettias and mini-ornaments.  My super-crafty friend had a really elaborate one with a miniature birdhouse and an ornament that said "PEACE."

This was such a fun craft and I think I just might do one every year!  Now that I've done one I feel like my second one would be more symmetrical and properly shaped because I would know what to look for.  Atticus said that my wreath turned out crazy and frizzy-haired.  I said, "What, like me??"

But if you don't want to get your hands covered in tree sap and sweep up all the needles when you're done, here are a few easier and equally beautiful options:

Easy-peasy ornament wreath, found here.

Felt ruffle wreath, seen here.  Remember how much I love ruffles?

Or there's the ribbon wreath that I mentioned last week.

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  1. Such fun wreaths! I am going to attempt to make one!!


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